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Backup dancers[1] are minor enemies in Up Your Arsenal, fought only during the mission "Beat Courtney Gears" on Obani Draco. They are purple hotbots with pigtails who are backup dancers for Courtney Gears, and bear a resemblance to her. The dancers appear in Gears' music video for "Robots of the Galaxy". Only one of the backup dancers is named, Melissa, who was Gears' best dancer.[2]

Ratchet fought the backup dancers during the battle against Courtney Gears. They first appear in cages watching the battle, before teleporting onto the main platform, after which they attack Ratchet by performing a spinning dance toward him and kicking him when colliding. They are best defeated using the Plasma Whip or Lava Gun, as they can destroy enemies in a medium-range in a wide area, and the dancers can be destroyed in a single hit. When they are fought alongside Gears, they are best cleared up quickly while focusing on Gears, as relying on the Miniturret Glove or Agents of Doom while attacking Gears herself may prove an issue as they are often faster than the miniturrets or agents' firepower.

Behind the scenes

Melissa's name is likely a reference to Melissa Disney, the voice actor of Courtney Gears in Up Your Arsenal.

In unused dialogue from Up Your Arsenal, Courtney Gears also referenced another backup dancer named "Leroy".[3]