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The B6-Obliterator was voted "Weapon of the Year" by the Galactic Association of Ridiculously Unnecessary Firepower. You will buy it for the precision ground targeting, but you will love it for its gratuitous destruction!

Weapon Description, DL

The B6-Oblierator, also known as the B-G-Oblierator, is a weapon manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. It is a grenade launcher which launches destructive bombs.

The B6 Obliterator is available immediately at DreadZone Station from a vendor for 15,000 bolts (or for free if playing co-op). With use, it can be upgraded to the B11-Vaporizer. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega B11-Vaporizer for 2,500,000 bolts.


The B6-Obliterator is an orange and yellow grenade launcher with a long barrel, a left-hand grip and a large nozzle. The B11-Vaporizer is similar, though it features a large vent on top of the barrel and a much bulkier design, and its grenade's explosions leave a mushroom cloud, and enemies are reduced to ash.


The B6-Obliterator's grenades are explosive and deal heavy damage with a very wide blast radius. However, they have very limited ammo, meaning that it should be used sparingly. Once acquired, it is useful against most threats, though it should be fired carefully to avoid wasting its ammo. Later on, its grenades are not as powerful as the Arbiter's rockets, meaning it is most useful at damaging large groups of enemies with its wide blast radius.

The weapon upgrades quickly, and unlocks a wide variety of alpha mods. The impact and area mod play to the strengths of the weapon, while the ammo and aiming mod address its shortcomings. The XP mod is useful to equip on other weapons to upgrade them faster once the B6-Obliterator is fully upgraded, although the speed mods unlocked by the weapon do little to improve it. The B11-Vaporizer at V10 is all around more powerful.

The B6-Obliterator is outclassed by the Arbiter in terms of raw damage later on, and the player may choose different options to damage enemies in a wide area such as the Magma Cannon. Omega mods such as the napalm mod and mini-bomb mod can allow it to stay useful, though alternatively it could be used to apply effects such as the morphing and brainwash effect over a wide area.

Behind the scenes

B6-Obliterator concept art

Cut third form of the B6-Obliterator

Originally, the B6-Obliterator was the predecessor of a grenade launcher by Vox Industries known as "The Landlord", in an in-game description in the demo.

As with many weapons, an alternative upgrade for the B6-Obliterator has unused texture files discovered in the demo.

The B6-Obliterator featured as a holocard in 2016 reimagining of Ratchet & Clank.

Voted "Weapon of the Year" by the Galactic Association of Ridiculously Unnecessary Firepower. You'll buy it for the precision targeting, but love it for the gratuitous destruction.

holocard Description, PS4

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