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The B2 Brawler is a colossal gladiator in Going Commando. It is a cybernetic alien fought in the Galactic Gladiators, a Megacorp event filmed in the Maktar Resort, broadcast around the Bogon Galaxy. It is one of the headliners of the Galactic Gladiators, along with Chainblade.

Defeating the B2 Brawler without taking any damage will earn the skill point "2B or not 2B hit".


The B2 Brawler with Chainblade during a Megacorp arena commercial.

The B2 Brawler is a cybernetic alien that came from the depths of planet Cerebella.[2][1] It was built as part of the robotics division for the Galactic Gladiators,[3] with its brain encased in six tons carbonox armor plating[3] and two plasma cannons.[1]

The B2 Brawler appeared in a commercial for the Galactic Gladiators, alongside Chainblade. Ratchet fought the B2 Brawler first in the challenge "Battle the B2 Brawler", and later in the challenges "Tag Team Battle - Chainblade and the B2 Brawler" in which it was fought alongside Chainblade, and then twice in the "Ultimate Challenge".

In Up Your Arsenal, Ratchet later fought a similar gladiator, Scorpio, a gladiator in the Annihilation Nation with a large brain encased in a robotic body, likely related to the B2 Brawler.


The B2 Brawler is a large robot with a brain encased in a glass cap for its head. It is very tall, with four long tentacle-like legs, and two plasma cannons.[1] Overall, it is made up of six tons of carbonox armor.[3]

The B2 Brawler normally attacks by firing its twin plasma cannons towards Ratchet. After landing a hit, its head will spin in celebration, and its four legs will drop and spin, moving towards Ratchet. The spinning legs will damage Ratchet on impact. As it sustains damage, its attacks will become more desperate, as it begins to fire its cannons faster, and also fires while its legs are spinning.


Behind the scenes

Concept art.

The design of the Brawler is also used for a skin in the singleplayer and multiplayer of Up Your Arsenal, called the Brainius. The B2 Brawler was also a name of a similar skin in the multiplayer of Full Frontal Assault.

Unused dialogue in Into the Nexus reveals that a B1 Brawler would originally appear as a boss in the Destructapalooza. This would have been built as a training bot for the Thugs-4-Less' Polaris outpost, and was "as much of a grouch as his brother."[4]