Azcotal Alley

Clank fighting an Expatriot in Azcotal Alley

Azcotal Alley was a location on planet Rionosis, where Clank followed the Kingpin in order to find the Eye of Infinity without being noticed by the Kingpin or his bodyguards. The planet was in a constant state of celebration. This was because the planet moved around the sun so fast, that the planet had a New Year every 4.2 seconds. There were many stands filled with masks for Clank to disguise himself. When traveling through Azcotal Alley, Clank spotted gondolas going to and leaving from the Mountainside Ascent consisting of various mountain retreats, ski slopes, and a volcano, which was also seen in the area.

Skill Points

Titanium Bolts

  • One in an alleyway.
  • Another one in an alleyway.
  • Before going to the Gondola Ascent, head to the far left.


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