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Axebots[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank, encountered by Ratchet in the logging site on Eudora during the mission "Explore the mills". They are humanoid blargian robots sent by Drek Industries for lumberjacking, though they also use their axes to attack Ratchet. Standard axebots are blue, though they also have a larger red variant, known as big axebots.[1]

Big axebot toy in the Insomniac Museum.

Axebots and big axebots are absent from the 2016 re-imagined Ratchet & Clank as enemies, though their models appear in the Insomniac Museum.


Big axebot.

Standard axebots are blue robots with green eyes and a green icon in their center, carrying a large axe in their hand. They are often found hacking at a tree or idling in an area. After they swing their axe at a foe, they will laugh and twirl the axehead, or toss the axe in the air and catch it.

Big axebots are bulkier, red robots with blue eyes instead of green, who stand twice the size of standard axebots, and carry even larger axes. These big axebots are more likely to taunt their foes from a distance, beckoning them to approach.


Standard variants, upon seeing Ratchet, will run towards him and close the distance. Once close enough, they will stop, raise their axe, and swing. Regardless if they hit or not, they will stop and laugh, at which point they are prone to attack. Alternatively, their axe animations can be interrupted if they take sufficient damage. These axebots are easily defeated by using the Glove of Doom or Bomb Glove, or by simply jumping over their attacks and swinging the OmniWrench in melee range.

Big axebots, upon seeing Ratchet, will move somewhat closer, but not enough to hit until Ratchet approaches. Unlike smaller axebots, their swing cannot be dodged by jumping, and Ratchet must run away from them out of range. They will also automatically retaliate with a counter-strike if hit hard enough, but their attacks cannot be interrupted. These foes are best defeated at range, using a weapon such as the Blaster. In medium range, the Glove of Doom is the best way to deal enough damage to defeat them before they can get too close.


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