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Attack-Copters[1] are enemies in Going Commando, with a brief appearance in Up Your Arsenal. They are Thugs-4-Less attack helicopters with two long wings, underneath of which cannons are attached, the Thug Leader had his own advanced Attack-Copter. Ratchet and Clank fought the Attack-Copters twice, first on Lunar City as Giant Clank during "Defeat the Thug Leader", where they were aiding the Thug Leader's mech, and later on Snivelak when they attacked the Thug HQ during "Rescue Angela".

Maxmillian operating his own Attack-Copter.

The Attack-Copters appeared in two occasions on the Secret Agent Clank series seen in Up Your Arsenal. First, they appeared in Holostar Studios during the Terror of Talos section in the "Film a Secret Agent Clank Episode" mission, when fought as Giant Clank. In the Secret Agent Clank movie at the end, Maxmillian had his own Attack-Copter.


Attack-copters are helicopters focused entirely on assault, with no room for additional troops, all of which have a blue and purple paint job. They are operated by a single pilot, a Thugs-4-Less Henchman, who is normally not visible due to the large black cockpit window obscuring the attack-copter's interior, but is seen falling to the floor upon its destruction. They have a two-bladed rotor on top, with no visible tailrotor or stabilizers on the thin tailboom. Each of their two wings have a mounted cannon, capable of high-speed fire. They also have what appears to be two thrusters on their rear, beneath the tailboom, but these are never seen active. The attack-copters encountered on Dobbo also had a large mounted turret on the bottom, with which they managed to damage Giant Clank.


As Giant Clank, the Attack-Copters do little damage, and can be destroyed with simple melee attacks. Attack-Copters are not a priority, but they should be destroyed nonetheless as damage from the larger groups of Attack-Copters will add up, making them the most dangerous enemy near the end of the bossfight. They also drop ammunition and Nanotech.

When fought as Ratchet on Snivelak, Attack-Copters are a much greater threat, both due to their damage, mobility, attack speed, and range, making them a formidable opponent. It is best to fire at them from a higher range, preferably using something that can target it without much difficulty, allowing you to focus on dodging its attack. The Pulse Rifle is an option, but the Minirocket Tube also serves well. The Plasma Coil and Hoverbomb Gun are also powerful, but are unlikely to hit it without aiming directly, although the Shield Charger can buy you some time. Last alternatives are the HK22 Gun, Kilonoids, and Megaturret Glove, as they all function well independently when used.


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