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Asyanica was a lawless city ruled by Number Woo and his robot ninja army. The city resembled a planet, and was described as being a neon jungle, where crime was common and danger was everywhere. The city was patrolled by Number Woo's henchmen. During Clank's search for the Eye of Infinity, he came to Asyanica to locate Number Woo and the precious jewel. When he arrived, Number Woo had prepared a trap to catch Clank and subsequently, destroy him. Once freed with the help of his Gadge-bots, Clank had to venture through the city to find Number Woo. Once defeated, Number Woo tried one last gamble to finish off Clank with his laser cannon. However, Number Woo's cannon malfunctioned and exploded, reducing Asyanica to ruins.

Asyanica City.jpg
Asyanica Blows Up!.png

After the city was reduced to ashes, Qwark arrived and claimed that the destruction of the city was due to his epic battle with a giant mechanical ninja monster that had taken over Asyanica.

Behind the scenes

Secret keycard

The red keycard was found under one of the hovering cars Agent Clank would jump to.

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