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Artemis Zogg was a male Markazian politician. During his career, he was the Minister of Defense of the Polaris Galaxy, bureaucrat in Meridian City, and later became a planet thief after losing out on the position of Galactic President to Copernicus Qwark. He later formed his own galaxy, stealing other planets for inclusion.


Early life and history

Max Apogee

Zogg spent part of his childhood in a summer camp. Growing up, he knew the explorer Max Apogee, one of his Markazian colleagues. Artemis Zogg thought highly of Max at one point, considering him to be "one of those Markazians who could do anything he set his mind to" and that when he did, there was no stopping him. It was his research on the Lombax Secret that soon led Artemis Zogg to the discovery of the Surinox Comet, the main power source the Lombaxes used to power their Dimensionator during the Great War.[1] Around the time, Artemis Zogg was the Minister of Defense of the Polaris Galaxy, a bureaucrat in Meridian City on planet Igliak, and ran his own company. Artemis Zogg was a peaceful, level-headed public servant; often focusing on resolves to political issues of the galaxy, Artemis Zogg became a huge fan of intergalactic superhero Qwark.[2] Artemis Zogg was often called "Artie" among close friends, including the Galactic President of the Solana Galaxy, President Phyronix, and his secretary.[2]

Artemis Zogg owned a tower in Luminopolis named Zogg Tower.[3][4]

Helios Program

I present to you…Helios!

Artemis Zogg presenting the Helios Program to Captain Qwark, Ratchet & Clank: Issue 3: Lost and Spaced

Helios under construction

Artemis Zogg designed a protection plant that could be powerful enough to end natural disasters and intergalactic crime for good. With the help of Max Apogee, Artemis Zogg discovered that with the trans-dimensional power of the Surinox Shard, found by Max during his Lombax research, he could create Helios. Thus, Artemis Zogg began the Helios Program; however, he wasn't able to start work on it due to his various defense jobs. The Helios program stayed inactive during this time.[2]

Election for Galactic President

During his time as a defense minister, Artemis Zogg was put up for election as Galactic President of the Polaris Galaxy. Artemis Zogg was sure that with all of his love and care towards the universe, he would most certainly be elected as Galactic President by the public for all of his dedication and history as a public servant. Artemis Zogg was later assigned with bodyguards named Cronk and Zephyr, two old Warbots issued to follow Artemis Zogg where ever he went. As part of his public service plans and election, Artemis Zogg thought it was finally the right time to start developing the Helios Program.[2]

With the help of his loyal friends and assistants, Vorn Garblak and Mr. Klink, Artemis Zogg's next attempt at helping the universe, the Helios Project, started production. Designed to protect the universe in the event of a galactic disaster, invasion, temporal rift, black hole, or supernova Zogg knew that it would finally end all natural disasters and invasions upon the entire galaxy.[2]

Meeting Captain Qwark

Artemis Zogg greeting Captain Qwark

During production of the Helios Program, Zogg contacted Captain Qwark, who he would be meeting for the first time, to come over to see his plan for the Helios Project. This was to follow up to Qwark's endorsement of his campaign to be elected as Galactic President. Qwark was interested in Artemis Zogg's investments and generous favors to the universe.[2]

Artemis Zogg showing Qwark the Surinox Shard

Captain Qwark's vast popularity was increasing in Polaris due to the defeat of Dr. Nefarious. Feeling an endorsement for such a competent public servant would be beneficial, Qwark agreed to meet the Markazian politician. Here, Artemis Zogg's secretary greeted Qwark and informed the Captain that Artemis Zogg was a shoe-in for the position. Artemis Zogg happily welcomed Captain Qwark stating they had so much to discuss. Artemis Zogg informed Qwark about his new bodyguards, Cronk and Zephyr, and showed him his latest protection project, the Helios Project. Artemis Zogg then gave Captain Qwark a tour of his company, showing him the Surinox Shard and explaining its functions. At the end of the tour, Artemis Zogg presented the in-development Helios Project to Qwark. Qwark, impressed, appreciated Artemis Zogg's work for the galaxy.[2]

Galactic President Qwark

Artemis Zogg on stage

When election day finally arrived, Captain Qwark was getting prepared for his speech for his endorsement to Artemis Zogg, when Cyrus, Captain Qwark's manager for Unicop, visited the captain in his trailer. Qwark was confused to why Cyrus was there as he had claimed he would never see him again after Unicop was cancelled. Cyrus said he had forgotten about that, claiming the past was "old and yucky" and he was only interested in what was going on now. Cyrus was completely against Artemis Zogg being elected and instead tried to convince Captain Qwark that the Polaris Galaxy needed new blood and not some old Markazian. Although Qwark disagreed with his manager, Cyrus ultimately managed to get to Qwark's ego and convinced him that he should be the one to become the new Galactic president of the Polaris galaxy.[2] Qwark agreed and went out onto the presidential stand where Artemis Zogg was up on the stage discussing matters on offering a small tax incentive to the Kerchu in exchange for Gel refineries to Sargasso and Jasindu. Just as Artemis Zogg finished, he introduced Captain Qwark to the public. Qwark started his speech on the stage by explaining what a hero should be like. As Artemis Zogg prepared to receive his endorsement, Qwark declared that he would like to offer his humble endorsement to himself as the galaxy's next Galactic President. Artemis Zogg was left speechless as the audience cheered for Qwark.[2]


Artemis Zogg preparing to retire

Five months later, Artemis Zogg was on the brink of retiring and closing down his facility in Meridian City.[2] Artemis Zogg's loyal secretary attempted to try to convince the saddened Markazian he didn't have to retire over "some silly election." Even though Artemis Zogg was no longer candidate for Galactic President, he knew that what was important is that the Polaris galaxy stayed safe and that he had to finish the Helios Project as a legacy he could be proud of. However, Artemis Zogg was soon furious when he discovered via his secretary Galactic President Qwark sent a cease and desist letter to the panel of interstellar know-it-alls. He felt that the technology used in the Helios Project was dangerous, citing the Tachyon incident a few years earlier. As a result, the project was terminated. Vorn informed the former presidential candidate that he just received a call from someone inside the presidential compound. Agents were coming to shut the Helios Project down. Artemis Zogg furiously said they weren't shutting down anything and ordered him to pack up everything and bring it to his transport standing by. Artemis Zogg awoke Cronk and Zephyr, his bodyguards, and Artemis Zogg informed them that they were relocating his facility to his personal ship and the Helios Project was given a green light for field testing, so that they must leave straight away. As Artemis Zogg was preparing his ship's transport vessel. Artemis Zogg told Klink that the people had failed them, but with his assistance, he was sure he would be able to show them the error of their ways. Artemis Zogg asked Klink if he could assist him and Klink pledged his loyalty. Artemis Zogg informed Klink of an old outpost just beyond the Corvus Sector called the Vartax outpost where they would discuss their plan. Artemis Zogg asked Mr. Klink to start the machines before he left.[2]

The Artemis Galaxy

Artemis Zogg planning on showing the public the error of their ways

Triumph is merely a matter of time and will!

Artemis Zogg, Ratchet & Clank: Issue 6: Bros Before Foes

At their meeting at the Vartax outpost, Artemis Zogg was furious. The angry Markazian felt no one else had cared about all the generous things he had done for the galaxy as a Galactic President and loyal public servant for many years anymore. As a last minute idea, Artemis Zogg hatched a plan to get revenge on Galactic President Qwark and the universe itself using the Helios Program. Artemis Zogg would steal every planet from the universe and create a whole new galaxy, the "Artemis Galaxy," with the use of Helios. Vorn and Klink thought that it would be a risky venture but Zogg disagreed claiming it was for the good of the galaxy and no longer could the people be trusted. Artemis Zogg started to become more angry, sadistic, intimidating, and uncaring. His treatment to his best friends caused them to turn "spineless," to the point where they were fanatically loyal to the mad Markazian out fear.[2]

After five months, Artemis Zogg's planet thief operation was a success and the planets Artemis Zogg managed to steal were Aranos, Sargasso, Cobalia, and Terachnos. Vorn became chief warmonger and Mr. Klink became head warden at the Vartax Detention Facility, which was originally the Vartax outpost. At around this time Galactic President Qwark discovered the planet disappearances, although had no idea how they were disappearing. Soon, terachnoids from Terachnos were calling for Qwark's impeachment due to the situation not be handled in a proper manner. Artemis Zogg was pleased of this, wanting to watch as Qwark's kingdom was ripped from his control, planet by planet.[5][6]

Abduction of Veldin

Artemis Zogg targeting Veldin as his next planet to steal

Please, do come in. It isn't every day we get to welcome the galaxy's most famous duo. Welcome…to my galaxy.

Artemis Zogg to Ratchet and Clank., Ratchet & Clank: Ears of War

While Ratchet and Clank were on vacation at their old home of Planet Veldin in Ratchet's garage for some well-earned rest and relaxation, Artemis Zogg travelled to the Solana galaxy to steal planets. He arrived in orbit above Veldin, making it his next target. Vorn informed him that Veldin was devoid of any real value, claiming it to be a frivolous dreadful rock.[5] However, Artemis Zogg told Vorn he saw opportunity in the planet and ordered him to start the machine and take it with them, planning to turn it into his galaxy's private junkyard. [citation needed]

Vorn and Zogg discussing the value of Veldin

Vorn sent a transmission to Veldin explaining to the citizens about the changes. Warbots were then dropped onto the surface of Veldin to help ensure a smooth transition. The warbots happened crash land right near Ratchet's garage and automatically began shooting at the heroes, forcing the duo to fight them off for their lives. After destroying one of the warbots with Ratchet's Skyburst 8000, Ratchet and Clank attempt to escape to Veldin's Planetary Defense Center to get assistance from Galactic authorities.[5]

Artemis Zogg recognizes Ratchet and Clank

As Ratchet and Clank attempted to escape the immediate danger and get help more warbots soon surrounded them. Artemis Zogg ordered his troops to hold their fire and bring the duo to him along with the planet. When the heroes were brought to Artemis Zogg's ship, Artemis Zogg revealed himself to the heroes, welcoming them to his galaxy, and chained them atop his ship's security wall.[5][7]

Vartax Detention Facility

Artemis Zogg laughing

Zogg revealed that he was a fan of Ratchet and Clank and respected the sacrifices they had made for the universe. Rather than kill them, Artemis Zogg decided to imprison them in the Vartax Detention Facility, but not before giving Ratchet his OmniWrench Millennium 12 back which, being a fan, he knew Ratchet and Clank needed if they were going to survive in the Vartax Detention Facility. Before leaving and dumping Ratchet and Clank in the Vartax Detention Facility, Artemis Zogg also revealed his grudge he had against Galactic President Qwark to Ratchet and Clank, and made mention of the Helios Project before they left.[7]

In the Vartax Detention Facility Ratchet and Clank looked for a way to escape. Ratchet soon violated Zogg statute 35-77 regarding expected prisoner behavior and was sentenced to be executed by being sent out the airlock.[7]

Artemis Zogg executing Klink via airlock

The duo managed to escape from the Vartax Detention Facility with the help of their new friend, General Glahm, a Space Pirate, and Artemis Zogg's former bodyguards, Cronk and Zephyr.[7] They headed to see Talwyn Apogee in the Apogee Space Station. Meanwhile, at Artemis Zogg's ship, Artemis Zogg, furious at the warden's disappointing failure, had Mr. Klink sent out the airlock for failing to stop Ratchet and Clank and many more Vartax prisoners from escaping the Vartax Detention Facility. He then contemplated a way to recapture Ratchet and Clank while observing Veldin.[7]

Trillium mines

Artemis Zogg on Zaurik with President Phyronix

For the good of the galaxy! Without control, there is chaos! With chaos comes war! This galaxy my galaxy will flourish because it has a president who understands that!

Artemis Zogg to President Phyronix, Ratchet & Clank: Issue 3: Lost and Spaced

While the Galactic President of the Solana galaxy, President Phyronix, was on a goodwill trip to Polaris he was captured by Artemis Zogg and lost communication with his daughter and mayor of Metropolis, Sasha Phyronix. Artemis Zogg dropped him on Planet Zaurik and forced him to work in the Trillium Mines. After geo-shifting Zaurik out Polaris, Artemis Zogg travelled back to the planet Zaurik and informed President Phyronix why he was doing his scheme which he said was for the "good of the galaxy." Claiming that without control, chaos would begin and with chaos comes war and his galaxy would flourish because it had a president and ruler who understood that. President Phyronix angrily replied that Artemis Zogg wasn't a president nor an understanding ruler but a dictator, every bit as cruel as Emperor Tachyon and more misguided than Dr. Nefarious. Artemis Zogg, ignoring this, offered him a position as the vice Galactic President of his galaxy to keep his constituents under control, but he refused and chose to continue to work in the Trillium Mines.[2]

Artemis Zogg sending a transmission to Qwark and the heroes

Back at the Apogee Space Station Artemis Zogg reported a message over the speaker to Galactic President Qwark and everyone at the Space Station. Artemis Zogg claimed that by now they should have realized that all attempts to invade his peaceful galaxy were futile and as their former minister of defense, he knew every offensive tactic in the and assured them that any further invasions would be met with swift punishment. Artemis Zogg then informed them of his demands as the terachnoids, who had begun a partnership with Ratchet and Clank, then identified an oblate spheroid somewhere in space, but couldn't lock onto it due to the all the star clusters being uncharted.[2]

Veldin's frozen state

Zogg informs Ratchet of what he had done with Veldin

Ratchet immediately saw that the object was Veldin. Artemis Zogg revealed to the heroes then that he placed Veldin in a part of the universe where no one would ever be able find it. Without sunlight from Helios, the rivers of the world would turn to ice, plants would wither and die, and all life would be extinguished within hours. Should Ratchet and Clank turn themselves in, Artemis Zogg would return Veldin to a place within his realm comparable to its former home. Galactic President Qwark was confused to why Artemis Zogg didn't just take him, where Artemis Zogg replied angrily saying he wanted Qwark to watch as his kingdom is ripped from his control, planet by planet. Talwyn stood up to the angry Markazian, asking him how they would know he wouldn't kill Ratchet and Clank if they turned themselves into his power. Artemis Zogg informed them all that either Ratchet and Clank face justice at the hands of his warbots, or Veldin would perish and two million lives would be destroyed. Artemis Zogg told Ratchet and Clank that they had only one hour to decide.[2]

Strike on Artemis Zogg's ship

Vorn and Zogg debating the justification of putting his constituents at risk

Ratchet and Clank are threats to the peace and tranquillity of this great galaxy! Any loss of life is on their heads, not mine!

Artemis Zogg to Vorn, Ratchet & Clank: Issue 4: Thanks for the Armories

At the Apogee Space Station Qwark came up with a plan that he thought might stop Zogg. While Artemis Zogg received the transmission of Ratchet and Clank's acceptance and prepared for their arrival. Vorn thought Zogg was being unjust in this matter as putting his people, who were now their constituents, at risk for two rebellious heroes seemed too extreme, but Artemis Zogg disagreed and claimed that Ratchet and Clank were supreme threats to the peace and tranquillity of his galaxy, thus any loss of life would be on their heads, not his. Vorn apologized for his disagreement and asked Artemis Zogg if he should prepare for geo-shift after the Markazian ordered him to show their "guests" in when they arrive. Vorn, questioning that matter, was angrily yelled at by Artemis Zogg who told him he would geo-shift the warmonger into a black hole if he even touched one of the machines.[6]

Ratchet and Clank were transported to Artemis Zogg's ship right in the middle of many warbots. Vorn asked if they had checked the heroes weapons of any kind, but the only one found was his OmniWrench Millennium 12, along with his Hoverboots, whom Vorn decided to let the heroes keep.[6] Vorn walked away as Ratchet screamed at him asking him what about his deal with releasing Veldin, but the quiet Markazian just walked away as Ratchet and Clank were being brought to Artemis Zogg's office by his warbots. Over by Talwyn and Sasha's attack ships, the two were worried about the heroes who hadn't checked in yet, but all they could do was wait at the moment they agreed. Just then, Sasha admitted that she had actually voted for Artemis Zogg during re-election.[6]

Zogg confronting Ratchet and Clank in his office

Back on Artemis Zogg's ship, the warbots brought Ratchet and Clank to Zogg's office where Zogg told the warbots they could remove their restrains. With Ratchet and Clank meeting Zogg's demands, Ratchet demanded Artemis Zogg now move Veldin. Zogg seemingly ignored this and described what it must be like for the citizens on Veldin now having sunlight one moment, darkness the next, even to the point where it was already starting to snow. Ratchet shouted in defiance saying he gave them his word. As an example of his plan, Artemis Zogg informed Ratchet and Clank of something Lord Vorselon had once done, holding a dozen Terachnoid scientists in hostage in the Hall of Knowledge. However, Artemis Zogg claimed he couldn't, in good conscience, send in the defense force. Artemis Zogg said that he couldn't send in the defense force because Vorselon had demonstrated the ability to do what was necessary and no one would dare attempt an incursion on his galaxy when they witnessed what he was prepared to do. Ratchet told him it was shameful that the galaxy used to adore him and now he was imitating a Terraklon Assassin. Artemis Zogg explained he was not proud of what he was doing and letting a planet die was unfortunate and his entire galaxy would mourn over the loss of Veldin. But Artemis Zogg claimed Ratchet and Clank had forced him to demonstrate his resolve due to their rebelliousness to his leadership, but admitted he was truly sorry. Ratchet sarcastically said he was sorry, as well, and allowed Clank to throw his grenade and destroy Artemis Zogg's office as part of his plan. Zogg managed to escape the blast by jumping clear. Artemis Zogg ordered his warbots to shoot, but Ratchet and Clank escaped from them by jumping through a glass window from his ship. As Ratchet and Clank ran from the warbots, Ratchet informed Talwyn and Sasha to move in and engage but not to fire on the ship even though he had not yet found the Surinox Shard, which was part of his plan. As the Galactic Rangers in their fighter ships circled around Artemis Zogg's ship, Vorn told Zogg they needed to shift and retreat, but Artemis Zogg demanded there be no retreat as he wanted to finish them off for good.[6]

Capture of Talwyn

Zogg declaring no retreat

Zogg about to kill Ratchet and Clank using his Plasma Coil

Ratchet and Clank finally found the Surinox Shard but more warbots attacked them, pinning them down. The duo sent a transmission to Talwyn and Sasha explaining they couldn't leave yet as they had to save Veldin. Ratchet explained that he would not put his trust in Qwark, not when Veldin was at risk. Just as the ship initiated geo-shift, Artemis Zogg destroyed the geo-shift sphere with his Plasma Coil.[6] Ratchet again demanded the Markazian send Veldin back, but once again, Artemis Zogg ignored him and said Veldin would die and would remain lost in deep space for all eternity along with Ratchet and Clank. Just as Artemis Zogg was about to kill Ratchet and Clank with his Plasma Coil, Talwyn Apogee crashed right through Artemis Zogg's ship. Shooting at the warbots, she told Ratchet and Clank to just grab the Surinox Shard. Ratchet broke through the glass and grabbed it. Artemis Zogg ordered the warbots to stop Talwyn. Talwyn was just about to make it out, until the warbots destroyed the door. Unable to hack the door due to the blast disabling it, Ratchet and Clank were forced to leave her behind as if they stayed it would simply give Artemis Zogg no reason to keep her or Veldin alive. Ratchet and Clank escaped in an escape orb to planet Veldin, which was completely frozen and snowing without an energy source.[6]

Encounter with Talwyn Apogee

Vorn confirming the shift sphere cannot be repaired and teleportation is slightly impossible

This is your fault. You're chief warmonger! Vanquishing rebels is exactly the kind of responsibility that falls under your purview!

Artemis Zogg to Vor, Ratchet & Clank: Issue 5: Multiple Organisms

With the shift sphere destroyed and teleportation impossible without the Surinox Shard, Artemis Zogg and Vorn were left trapped within the depths of space above Planet Veldin where Ratchet and Clank escaped to with the shard. Hearing the news, Artemis Zogg blamed Vorn for the events. He sarcastically asked if Vorn had any more "good" news, suggesting that perhaps his parents were eaten by wild Carnivines or an ion storm vaporized the summer camp he spent his childhood in. Vorn confirmed some good news that Ratchet and Clank had retreated. Artemis Zogg was pleased of this and asked if they had identified their "guest," Talwyn. Through Artemis Zogg's old minister of defense credentials, Vorn was able to run her fingerprints through the Polaris Hall of Records, although she maimed three of their guards and bit him, in the end, they were successful.[1] Vorn handed Talwyn's criminal papers to Artemis Zogg and explained that she was the daughter of Max Apogee. Back on Veldin, Artemis Zogg had released his entire fleet of warbots to Veldin to kill Ratchet and Clank who were retreating with Surinox Shard back to Ratchet's garage to protect it from Artemis Zogg until Galactic President Qwark, with the help of Zephyr, Big Al, and the Terachnoids managed to successfully replicate Artemis Zogg's teleporter and rescue the planet.[1]

Zogg confronts Talwyn in her cell

At this time Artemis Zogg confronted Talwyn Apogee in her cell. Artemis Zogg apologized for the dismal accommodations and claimed he had a perfectly comfortable suspension chamber in the bridge before her cohorts had lay siege to it. Talwyn angrily replied back that she was sure the rat hole they toss him into would be far less pleasant. Artemis Zogg recognized her familiar biting sense of humor from her father, who was a former colleague of his. Talwyn didn't believe he knew him at first. As proof, Artemis Zogg shared his thoughts of Max Apogee to her, claiming that Max Apogee was a nice fellow and one of those Markazians who could accomplish anything if he put his mind to it. Artemis Zogg also confirmed to her that his research upon the Lombax Secret led him to the discovery of the Surinox Comet, home to the Surinox Shard. Talwyn told him not to ever associate her father's genius with his insanity. Artemis Zogg thought it was quite noble of her to defend him so passionately and claimed if his father had abandoned him, he wouldn't know how loyal he'd be. Artemis Zogg continued to insult her father by explaining how Max Apogee orphaned his daughter by protecting a Lombax he hardly knew. Talwyn shed a tear and replied that she felt proud of her father. Zogg explained that he had sent his entire fleet to Veldin to destroy Ratchet and Clank once and for all, before leaving her.[1]

Artemis Zogg demanding competence from Sasha Phyronix

Sasha Phyronix contacted Artemis Zogg and attempted to convince him to release Talwyn to the Polaris authorities and to surrender where they could start a dialogue. Zogg stated that during his tenure as minister of defense, they both shared similar political beliefs and one them was never to negotiate with invaders. Sasha Phyronix said she was stranded in deep space light years away from his so-called galaxy and to send Talwyn back as a sign of goodwill and they can discuss the terms of his surrender. Vorn then told Zogg that Ratchet and Clank were surrounded by their forces on Veldin. Artemis Zogg then challenged Sasha to fire upon his ship, stating that he would do whatever it takes to keep his power and return to his constituents.[1]

Vorn spoke to Talwyn and tried to convince her that Artemis Zogg was once a good man. He said he was partially responsible and held out the key to her cell. They then ran for the ship's escape pods.[1]

Vorn's Betrayal

Zogg confronting Vorn and Talwyn

Oh, my dear Vorn. I always knew there would one day be a worm in the apple, but I never thought it would be you.

Artemis Zogg to Vorn., Ratchet & Clank: Issue 5: Multiple Organisms

Zogg discovered Vorn's betrayal and was disappointed, not expecting betrayal from Vorn. Vorn defended himself and ordered him to back away, but Zogg insulted him calling him a "spineless turncoat." Aiming a Plasma Coil at Vorn, Vorn admitted he had not been a very good Warmonger and was not a fighter, but a thinker.[1] Vorn struck at the steam pipes in Zogg's ship temporarily stunning Zogg and lead Talwyn to an escape pod. Meanwhile, on Veldin General Glahm informed Ratchet and Clank that with the defense center he would destroy Artemis Zogg's ship. As the missiles launched, Artemis Zogg, Vorn, and Talwyn all jumped in to an escape orb together as the missiles destroyed Zogg's ship.[1]

Last Stand

Eventually, Ratchet and Clank's location was discovered by Sasha Phyronix and the Galactic Rangers and the duo were brought back to the Apogee Space Station. As the heroes discussed the matter of saving Veldin, the escape pod Artemis Zogg, Vorn, and Talwyn escaped the destruction of Zogg's ship on had tripped the perimeter holo-sensors and headed right for the station. Qwark escaped with the Surinox Shard while the Terachnoids engaged the gravity shields maintaining air pressure. The pod crashed through the station and Vorn commanded that Ratchet and company didn't fire as he held a Plasma Coil at Talwyn.[8]

Artemis Zogg holding Talwyn captive

Sasha declared that his plan was over and there was no way he could stop them. Artemis Zogg insisted that they hadn't defeated him but only set him back. Zephyr bluntly aimed his gun at him and said he would shoot him, where Zogg claimed they couldn't kill him because they had no idea where his galaxy was located and he would sooner die than hand it over to them. Vorn replied by explaining that he had the coordinates memorized and could tell them.[8] Zogg continued to hold Talwyn captive while Talwyn ordered Ratchet to shoot him. Ratchet ordered him to drop the Plasma Coil and it was his last chance to give in. Zogg, giving a smirk at the heroes, said that all he would need is the equipment they built and his kingdom would be restored. At this point he unleashed thousands of Mr. Zurkon's.[8]

Zogg unleashing his army of Mr. Zurkons upon the heroes

While the heroes fought them, Talwyn attempted to escape Zogg's grip, but the larger Markazian grabbed her back. In his grip, Talwyn grabbed and bit his arm drawing blood and forcing him to release her. Zogg attempted to reach the teleporter to get the equipment and Surinox Shard, commanding Ratchet to stay out his way. Ratchet and Talwyn, with Vorn, then swam through the aqueduct to reach Qwark before Zogg could. Qwark, who was about to leave the station as he was afraid of Zogg's power, was wrapped in duct tape by Clank to keep him out the way of trouble. Artemis Zogg, near the teleporter, declared he would return to his galaxy and his empire would continue to grow. Ratchet jumped at the mad Markazian, knocking him to the ground, and both were transported through the teleporter to Qwark's ship. Ratchet and Zogg both began to battle in hand-to-hand combat in Qwark's ship. Artemis Zogg eventually managed to grab his Plasma Coil and screamed stop, ending the confrontation.[8]

Showdown with Zogg

Artemis Zogg ranting about Qwark's ego

Artemis Zogg admitted he never wanted such chaos and that he was only trying to restore order. He then told Qwark his ego had been more destructive than any Cragmite or despot the universe had ever seen. Qwark apologized and said he truly didn't know what he was thinking. Artemis Zogg lifted his Plasma Coil to Qwark and the heroes. Qwark screamed out that he made a mistake and that he should not punish the rest of the universe for it. As Zogg walked toward the equipment, Vorn agreed with Qwark and said he was right, stopping Zogg in his tracks. Vorn informed him that Zogg wasn't a president any more than he was a Chief Warmonger and it was time for them to stop this and go to their real home in Polaris and those planets didn't belong to them. Vorn reminded him he was once so worried about his legacy.[8]

Zogg starting to realize his mistakes

Artemis Zogg claimed he did what he thought was right for the good of the people, where Vorn said they were both nothing but selfish and his plan wasn't for the good of the people in the first place, it was about proving them wrong. Vorn told him to put down the Plasma Coil and turn themselves in and face fate together. Artemis Zogg recognized his mistakes but said he couldn't accept his fate and apologized. He claimed he truly was one of Ratchet's greatest fans, but couldn't let any of them remain alive to stop from him completing his galaxy. In a desperate bid, Qwark then remembered that applying negative energy to the Surinox Shard would create a bridge between realities, where he then coordinated a plan. He then asked Artemis Zogg if he could ask Vorn a scientific question, to which Artemis Zogg was confused by. Qwark asked Vorn if he knew if Ratchet's Praetorian OmniWrench used negatively charged energy. Vorn replied saying he believed it did and questioned why he asked, but then realized that he was talking about applying the energy to the shard to create a bridge between realities to get rid of Zogg. Qwark yelled out to Ratchet "hit the shard" and the Lombax jumped up and shot the shard, opening an alternate dimension that pulled in anything within its range.[8]

Defeat and another dimension

Artemis Zogg being pulled into a wormhole opened by the Surinox Shard

Nearing the end, Artemis Zogg angrily declared that he wouldn't be cast aside and his galaxy needed him. Vorn confirmed the energy should abate in a few seconds. Artemis Zogg screamed out for Vorn to help him, but was then hit on the face by a poster of Qwark, causing him to be pulled into the portal and sent to another dimension.[8]

Tachyon in heated conflict with Zogg in Dimension A2-66

Clank later stated that Zogg could have been within a centillion number of dimensions and realities but claimed he didn't think they would have to worry about him returning.[8] Artemis Zogg was transported to Dimension A2-66, landing straight on his face on a small planet fragment floating through space.[8] A voice in the background, Emperor Tachyon, who had been defeated and transported to this dimension previously yelled that the planet fragment was his and that he had to find his own.[8][9] President Zogg affronted his familiar rival, whom had opposed him years ago when he tried to take control of Polaris during his time as its Minster of Defense, by saying that he thought he smelled the "stink of failure." He then claimed the entire planet fragment to be his to rule. Emperor Tachyon insisted that he was the high power ruling the planet fragment and that it was all his. Jumping on top of a nearby rock Tachyon continued to scream along with his rival over who was in charge. The two remained imprisoned in the dimension, stranded on the planet fragment together.[8]


Artemis Zogg appeared to be a typical male Markazian.[10] As a public servant he wore a formal blue suit with yellow highlights. After declaring himself president of his own galaxy, Zogg started wearing an elaborate red and golden robe with a trailing cape, large collar and a golden chain.[1][7] He was also quite tall, standing nearly on par with Qwark's immense height. He was also not very athletic, and had a noticeably obese build that made personal combat quite impossible. This is due to the fact that he spent far more of his time on politics and scheming than making himself a formidable warrior.


He wasn't always like this. Before the election, he was kind and honest. He just wanted to keep people safe.

Vorn., Multiple Organisms

Artemis Zogg was once a caring politician with the people's safety at the core of his interests - he was trustworthy enough for Sasha Phyronix to have voted for him in an election.[1][2][6] After losing the election to Qwark, Zogg became defeated but his determination to persevere was brought by his will to exact revenge upon Qwark.[8]

Several references were made regarding his mental state; Talwyn and Clank were convinced he had suffered a psychotic break down and this would not have surprised Ratchet.[2] Artemis Zogg then became intimidating, arrogant and developed a dark sense of humor. President Phyronix claimed that he was simply a "dictator" and stated he was as cruel as Tachyon and as misguided as Nefarious.[2]

Despite this, Zogg seemed to show some signs of rationality. Zogg's primary intentions throughout the creation of his galaxy was to eventually keep "his" people safe, at any cost - even if that meant sacrificing some of his constituents. Zogg also tried to justify his actions when questioned by Vorn. At times he would simply remind his warmonger of his place, at other times he would try to rationalize his actions. For example, Zogg decided that any deaths on Veldin would be on Ratchet and Clank's heads rather than his own and later claimed that he had learnt that he needed to sacrifice Veldin in order to make a gesture of his commitment after seeing Lord Vorselon holding a dozen Terachnoid scientists in hostage in the Hall of Knowledge.[6]

Despite all of his actions Vorn spoke to Talwyn and tried to convince her that Artemis Zogg was once a good man.[1] He even managed to convince Zogg that he had been mistaken before his eventual defeat, and Zogg conceded that he had made mistakes. However, Zogg seemed beyond saving and continued with his plan. Despite his apparent change of heart, after his defeat and arrival in Dimension A2-66 he immediately tried to stake his claim over the planet fragment over Tachyon.[8]

Behind the scenes

Zogg's been a lot of fun to write.

Artemis' name comes from the Greek goddess Artemis.[11]

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