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Arriba Amoeba! is the second Qwark vid-comic in Up Your Arsenal. The comic tells the story of Captain Qwark fighting the amoeboids, created by Dr. Nefarious, in Blackwater City, and depicts Qwark's first battle against Nefarious, while Nefarious was still an organic life form. Ratchet and Clank obtained the vid-comic for completing the "Deathcourse Challenge" in the Annihilation Nation during the mission "Win the Tyhrra-Guise".

The events of Arriba Amoeba! are reminiscent of the events of the original Ratchet & Clank, in which Ratchet and Clank fought amoeboids attacking the city, as well as the extermibots deployed to protect it. As the vid-comic states that Dr. Nefarious created the amoeboids here, it is unclear if the vid-comic is intended to take place before the events of Ratchet & Clank or during them.


The creation of the amoeboids in Dr. Nefarious' lab.

The story picks up where Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder left off, in which Qwark had received a call from the president that Blackwater City was under attack. Dr. Nefarious, along with his butler named Lawrence, created a horrific breed of monsters known as amoeboids in the shadowy swamps of Blackwater City, who aimed to get revenge on those who had called him insane by exterminating all life on Rilgar.[1]

According to the narrator, Qwark executed "emergency response plan: number two", in which he coordinated the city's defenses from the women's restroom at Galaxy Burger. However, Qwark cut off the narrator at this point and replaced the screens with his own crayon drawings, claiming instead that he led a "head-on assault" and "rushed to do heroic battle" against the amoeboids himself.[1]

Nefarious escapes Blackwater City.

Qwark then fought waves of amoeboids as well as extermibots using his flame blaster.[2] The amoeboid army was eventually defeated, and Dr. Nefarious fled the city in disgrace, vowing vengeance. Qwark then clung onto Nefarious's ship, and held his breath in outer space the entire destination.[3]


Arriba Amoeba! takes place in Blackwater City, Rilgar. Hordes of amoeboids attack the city, at times smashing through windows and air vents to attack. Extermibots also appear as a garrison in the city to repel the amoeboid attack, but will also focus on Qwark. The level takes Qwark across the rooftops of the city, many of which have neon lights around the signs. At other times, Qwark goes through more industrial buildings, with cogs in the background as well as electrical floors.


Head right when the level begins, and small amoeboids will arrive, coming from smashed windows. Punch them as you continue forward, jumping to collect the tokens. You will encounter the first extermibot here, which will charge up a ranged slime attack, which travels forwards indefinitely, when it spots you; punch it before the attack charges up, then proceed. Next up will be medium and small amoeboids; while the small amoeboids die in one hit, the medium amoeboids will split into two smaller amoeboids after taking a hit.

Qwark using the flamethrower.

You will arrive at wall jump slots to proceed upwards. Much like Ratchet's moveset, simply jump towards a wall and hit X as you come in contact with it to bounce off the wall; do this twice to get upwards, making sure you collect the tokens along the way, and then proceed right through a group of amoeboids and extermibots. Eventually, you will find the flame blaster as you get inside a building. This weapon fires a continuous blast of flames as you use it. Jump on the floating platform and quickly jump up to the next path before the platform falls, then use the flame blaster to kill the amoeboids that arrive. Head out, collecting the tokens along the way. You should have 13 tokens by this point.

In the next room, defeat the extermibot and several amoeboids. Before jumping on the floating platform, head right to find a small compartment in the wall, inside which is a red token. Head back out, and then jump on the platforms to head upwards, and head right through the next building. This building will take you around various areas, where you will encounter amoeboids and extermibots along the way, until you reach a large, floating platform at the top. Grab onto it and hang from it, then when it moves right, jump on top of it and you will reach another flame blaster pickup. You should have 34 tokens.

Head right, defeating the extermibot, and land on a floating platform. As it moves right, instead of continuing on the path, jump upwards and wall jump from the dark blue building (you should reach the red neon sign to wall jump from) to reach a higher ledge, where you will find a red token. Drop back down to the moving platform and continue along the path across the city rooftops until you reach another flame blaster pickup. You should have 48 tokens by this point.

Continue across the rooftops until you eventually reach the interior of a building with floating platforms and electric floors. Hop across the first set of platforms, making sure to pick up the tokens, and you will eventually come to two floating platforms near the end. Hop on the furthest platform and, instead of continuing right, turn left firing your flame blaster to break through a small wall in front of a ledge; you can obtain the health upgrade here. After this, head right to reach a narrow corridor, where you will be surrounded by amoeboids and extermibots. Continue heading right, jumping over the slime from the extermibot to your left, then use the set of wall jumps to jump upwards. In the next area, as you head upwards through it, slime balls will drop along the way; anticipate when they will arrive, and jump over them to proceed. Jump onto the floating platform, and then when tokens appear, drop down to collect them and land on an area below. You should have 68 tokens.

Before you continue on the right, first break the wall on the left and drop down to obtain a red token, then use the ladder to climb up and continue right, where you will find a large floating platform. Head across a series of platforms and rooftops until you reach a longer rooftop. Defeat the amoeboids here, and then to the right, you will see a set of tokens in a triangular shape. Obtain them, then use the wall jump in the next wall to bounce across and obtain a red token. Proceed to the right, through another set of enemies, to two long lines of floating platforms slowly going down. Jump across them to go up, collecting tokens along the way, to gain all 100 tokens, and eventually reach the end of the level.



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