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The Armor Magnetizer is an item in Going Commando, Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time, as well as a gadget in Before the Nexus. It increases the magnetic field strength of the worn armor, and allows the user to attract bolts from further away than usual.


Going Commando

The Megacorp Armor Magnetizer was provided to Ratchet in the Megacorp Armory on planet Todano by Stuart Zurgo, a rabid Captain Qwark fanboy. In "Bring Qwark Collectible to Armory Employee", Zurgo demanded Ratchet bring him a Captain Qwark collectible. Ratchet brought him the Qwark statuette (purchased on Aranos from the Plumber in "Purchase Qwark Action Figure").

Tools of Destruction

The Armor Magnetizer was found on Ardolis after completing the Heli-Pod training.

A Crack in Time

The Armor Magnetizer was won as a reward on the Agorian Battleplex.

Before the Nexus

The Armor Magnetizer was a gadget which, when activated, allowed bolts to be picked up for its duration. The duration could be extended by purchasing upgrades to the gadget.