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Aquatos was an ocean planet in the Solana galaxy. It was here Nefarious had his first base for operations. It was the home planet of the famed superheroine Hydro Girl and supposedly guarded by the Aquatos National Protection Force. The citizens of Aquatos mostly resided inside underwater bases, where vast networks of tubes and tunnels were found. The massive sewers of Aquatos were often crawling with Amoeboids, possibly stationed there by Nefarious.

Dr. Nefarious had an underwater hideout on Aquatos. He resided there for some time during his plans with the Biobliterator. His base was primarily guarded by his Tyhrranoids. Nefarious kept a complete collection of the Secret Agent Clank Holo-Films inside his office.

As the first mission of the Q-Force Alliance, the base was infiltrated by Q-Force members Ratchet and Clank. Clank used Skrunch to go past several sentinel bots, as well as gadgebots that opened a forcefield and destroyed blocking fans, while Ratchet used his Tyhrraguise to get past the Tyhrranoid guards. The two stole a data-disk about Nefarious's Tyhrranoid forces from Nefarious's office. Skidd McMarx also assisted in the operation by hacking the security systems.

Aquatos Exploration

Ratchet on planet Aquatos

Slim Cognito fled to Aquatos after a run in with police for selling a Suck Cannon upgrade to a minor. He claimed the kid looked eighteen.

Nefarious' Base
Nefarious' Office

Ratchet, inside Nefarious's personal office

The Deep Sea Hideout was Nefarious's secret base and first base for operations on Aquatos. It was located entirely undersea, and was only accessible via seaworthy spacecraft or specialized tunnels. The base was made up of vast tunnels and waterways, making for a confusing obstacle course, as it was guarded by Dr. Nefarious's best Tyhrranoid guards and robotic security. There were bridges and blast doors only accessible with the use of a Hacker. The base contained Nefarious's office, which held his entire Secret Agent Clank collection and the star map.

Ratchet, Clank,[Skrunch, and Skid McMarx infiltrated this facility trying to find information about the doctor's plans, and they managed to find an important datadisk before leaving.


Aquatos hosted an advance unnamed aquatic species, whose cities could be found below the oceans. The planet at some point aligned themselves with Solana Galactic Government, who aided them in times of crisis.

Aquatos Sewer War

Like many worlds in the Solana galaxy, the planet became infested with Amoeboids, strange slime like aliens originally created by Dr. Nefarious. These Amoeboids infested the sewer systems of planet Aquatos, making them breeding grounds for these creatures. The Galactic Rangers responded by attacking the Amoeboids in what would later be referred to as the Aquatos Sewer War.

One ranger account mentions he killed a King Amoeboid with his bare hand during the conflict, but another ranger exposes this account to be false, stating the King Amoeboid swallowed the ranger, who went missing for days until he was later discovered alive inside a toilet on planet Barrier.

In any case, the Galactic Rangers apparently lost the war, as the Amoeboids still maintain a presence in the sewers.

Sewer Crystals

101 Sewer Crystals were found in the sewers. You found 2 while you were battling with Skid. The other 99 were in the sewers. It was best to win the Gravity Boots on planet Rilgar before you attempted this.

Characters on Aquatos



Sewers of Aquatos

Inside Aquatos' Sewers

Behind the scenes


"Aqua" is Latin for "water."


  • The oceans were at some point caught in an interplanetary tanker accident. Many baby seals got injured and stuck in radioactive waste from the tanker. While Hydro Girl was helping to build a shelter for the injured seals, she was kidnapped by Gleeman Vox's DreadZone team. [citation needed] Ratchet was later falsely framed of having been the one who piloted the tanker by Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro.[1]
  • There was no background in the sewer area since the area outside it was not intended to be seen by Ratchet.
  • If the player looked up from outside, they could see the ocean's surface as the background, indicating that the ocean was not very deep.


Notes and references

  1. Ratchet: Deadlocked - Dallas: "After making his fortune selling cigarettes to children, Ratchet went on to pilot a tanker ship for planet Zexxon." Juanita: "Only a week later he got drunk and crashed his tanker on the ocean planet of Aquatos. Who can forget the graphic images of baby seals smothered in radioactive waste?
    Clank: Al, how can you believe these ridiculous lies?
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