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Anthropods were burrowing beetles that popped out the ground in groups to attack Ratchet when he least expected it.



In Tools of Destruction, Anthropods are first encountered on Planet Sargasso. Besides Sargasso, Anthropods are also found on the planets Merdegraw, MorklonVapedia and Markazia.

Antropods later appeared on Magnus in 'All 4 One', they can be found in the Terrawatt Forest and on the Phonica Moon.

Related species

The Anthropods bore a great resemblance to the Terratropes, in A Crack in Time.. They had exactly the same appearance apart from the color. They may have been a subspecies of the Anthropods. The Terratropes were often found with Breegus Wasps, which bore resemeblence to the Grubsnuckers, meaning most likely that the Terratrope and Anthropods were related.

In-game information

In Tools of Destruction it took a single hit to eliminate these critters. Ratchet needed to keep an eye out for them, especially when fighting a Grunthor, as they served as a deadly distraction during difficult fights. They were often found with Grubsnuckers. Even though almost any weapon would work good against them, in large swarms, the Pyro Blaster and Shock Ravager worked very well in Tools of Destruction.

However, in All 4 One it could take several blows to finish them off.

The Anthropods on Sargasso were incredibly useful for getting the following skill points (in order):


  • It was tied with the Space pirates for the most recurring enemy, as it appeared in five Ratchet & Clank games.


Notes and references

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