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Annihilation Nation was a legal galactic combat competition that was filmed on Station Q9 in the Solana Galaxy. It became considerably more popular when Courtney Gears began handing out prizes. Annihilation Nation offered Gauntlets and arena challenges that could be won for bolts. Some arena challenges included timed rounds, rounds during which the contestant's weapons would change by themselves and rounds during which special Lombax Snooze Mist was sprayed into the arena. During many arena challenges, a shielded Gatling Turret would appear in the center posing a large threat. The sport was known for employees for having a decent dental plan.


Dallas Wanamaker originally wanted to be an employee for the place, but turned down to work for Gleeman Vox.


90 Seconds Of Carnage

90 Seconds Of Carnage was an Annihilation Nation challenge where you must kill all of the enemies in 1:30 (90 seconds).


Onslaught was an Annihilation Nation challenge. Here the player would face 9 rounds of enemies in two minutes.

Champion Bout

Champion Bout was a challenge at Annihilation Nation that was separated in 24 rounds. The first 23 rounds were regular A-Nation rounds, and the last was a showdown with Gary and Helen. A reward of 15,000 bolts could be earned by winning the bout.

Champion Bout II

Champion Bout II was a challenge on Annihilation Nation. It was the same as the original Champion Bout but the final battle was against Scorpio instead of Gary and Helen.


One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder was an Annihilation Nation challenge that had to be completed without being hit. One cannot use the Shield Charger in this challenge.

Ninja Challenge

Ninja Challenge is an Annihilation Nation challenge. It is a normal arena battle challenge but introduced Ninjas on the arena.

Counting Ducks

Counting Ducks was an Annihilation Nation challenge. This challenge introduced Lombax Snooze Mist.


Naptime was an challenge in Annihilation Nation. You must beat Scorpio while there is the Lombax snooze mist.

The Terrible Two

The Terrible Two was a fight against Gary and Helen in Annihilation Nation.

Two Minute Warning

The Two Minute Warning was another fight against Gary and Helen at Annihilation Nation. Compared to the other challenge, Ratchet only had 2 minutes to beat them.

Dodge the Twins

This was another battle against Gary and Helen at the Annihilation Nation. It involved going through a series of rounds without getting hit while attacking Gary and Helen.

Whip It Good

Time To Suck

Time To Suck is an Annihilation Nation challenge. The contestant is required to use only the Suck Cannon/Vortex Cannon. If you fired all ammunition and there were no more Blade Bots and are still gladiators, you lose because you do not have ammo longer to fire at them.

Chop Chop

Chop Chop was a challenge on Annihilation Nation where the contestant was only allowed to use the Disc Blade Gun or Multi-Disc Gun to clear the arena.

Hydra'n Seek

Hydra'n Seek was a challenge in Annihilation Nation. This challenge could only be played out using the Spitting Hydra. When the challenge was complete, the player received some bolts as a reward.

Cycling Weapons

Cycling Weapons was a challenge in the holovision show Annihilation Nation. It was the first of the cycling weapon challenges. It consisted of 8 rounds in the first playthrough, but 16 on the second. In this challenge, Ratchet's gun would constantly change after a certain amount of ammo was used. Weapons with infinite ammo or non-combative weapons, such as the Shield Charger and Qwack-O-Ray did not appear in these challenges. The wrench was also unusable. Ammo used during the rounds was not deducted from Ratchet's ammo total.

More Cycling Weapons

More Cycling Weapons was an Annihilation Nation challenge. In this fight, Ratchet had to fight Scorpio with his weapons changing. This was a lot harder than the original fight due to Scorpio's high health and attack range. However, if Ratchet was lucky he could get weapons like the Flux Rifle and Plasma Coil, which would make the fight much easier. In Challenge Mode, if you have the RY3NO, you can take it out in 1–2 shots.

Sleep Inducer

Sleep Inducer was a challenge in Annihilation Nation. In this fight, Ratchet had to take on an army of gladiators armed only with the Rift Inducer. To add to the difficulty, Lombax Snooze Mist was sprayed on and on throughout the fight, draining Ratchet's health as he fought on. However, all of the gladiators were susceptible to being sucked into rifts and the challenge was only four rounds long.

The Other White Meat

The Other White Meat was a challenge in Annihilation Nation. In this fight, Ratchet had to kill many gladiators over six rounds with only the Qwack-O-Ray. It was very helpful to have the Qwack-O-Ray up to V4 or have the Qwack-O-Blitzer in this fight so Ratchet would have many of his enemies defeated by the exploding ducks or the Phoenix Duck.

Qwarktastic Battle

The Qwarktastic Battle was the most difficult challenge in Annihilation Nation. It consisted of 100 rounds and, if completed, awarded the winner with 200,000 bolts (and 2,000,000 bolts in challenge mode). Most notably, it featured nearly all aspects of the other challenges. It was not unlocked until the all other challenges were completed. The 50th level of Qwarktastic Battle was a fight against Gary and Helen and the 100th was a fight against Scorpio.

Qwarktastic Win is a silver trophy in the high-definition re-release of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal also available through Ratchet & Clank Collection. Complete the Qwarktastic Battle in Annihilation Nation to obtain this trophy.


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Suicide Run

Suicide Run was a challenge on Annihilation Nation. It was entirely gauntlet styled, with no arena combat.

Heat Street

Heat Street was an Annihilation Nation challenge that was based on mainly deadly paths that constantly flashed with fire. Heat Street was one of the first gauntlet challenges available.

Cremation Station

The Annihilator

Crispy Critter

Pyro Playground

Maze of Blaze


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