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Anklebiters[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank, native to planet Hoven. They are small rodent-like monsters that dwell underneath the snow. They jump out to ambush Ratchet in packs as he approaches. They are fought in the missions "Destroy the Planetbuster" and "Explore the Icy Wastes".

Destroying a specific large group of anklebiters on Hoven unlocks the skill point "Pest Control".


Anklebiters are small, bipedal rodents with grayish-white fur, short, dark brown arms, small feet with large three-footed toes, and glowing yellow eyes. They are normally hidden in the snow before jumping out to ambush Ratchet on approach or are occasionally seen above ground. When attacking, they will run towards Ratchet, with their arms either raised or lowered, and attack by biting on approach. They are relatively fast and will quickly catch up to Ratchet, and they are tough for their size.


Anklebiters ambush their prey once it is in close proximity, catching it by surprise, followed by a slight lunging bite attack. Due to their toughness (as anklebiters require two OmniWrench hits to take down) and their large numbers, they serve as a minor threat if unprepared. The best weapon against them is the Walloper, as it defeats them in a single hit without the cost of ammo. Alternatively, the Pyrocitor can be useful against groups larger than five or if the player is low on nanotech and does not wish to approach them closer.

Behind the scenes

An anklebiter shown attacking Fred on Novalis.

On Quartu, the infobot granted by the Ultra-Mech Scientist for Kalebo III shows what appears to be an anklebiter attacking Fred on Novalis, though this anklebiter has human-like eyes.

Anklebiter is a word in Australian slang that means "a child".


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