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Alpha mods are collectible weapon mods in Deadlocked. Rather than providing drastic changes to the functionality of the weapon as with omega mods, alpha mods simply improve the current features of the weapon. This can vary from ammo count, auto-aiming, area of effect, knockback, rate of fire and bolt or XP gain. Only the nanoleech mod introduces a new ability unseen in weapons on their own.

Weapons in Deadlocked naturally come equipped with one alpha mod and a slot to fit it in. Upgrading a weapon will cause it to increase said slots by one, as well as generating an additional alpha mod for free. Each weapon thus comes with a total of ten alpha mods each once fully upgraded to V10 (the Mega upgrades do not grant free mods nor slots), as well as ten slots each. From V2 and on it is possible to mix and match available alpha mods in the available slots in each weapon.

Lastly, in Challenge Mode it is possible to purchase alpha mods from a DreadZone vendor. Depending on the difficulty you begin the game with, it is possible to gain an additional alpha mod for free.


Alpha mod Price In-game description
Speed mod 400,000 Increases refire rate. This mod features the latest in self-customizing, quantum optic technology to increase the refire rate of any weapon.
Ammo mod 300,000 Increases ammo capacity. This mod employs collapsible nano-technnology to allow full customization of ammo capacity in any Vox Industries weapon.
Aiming mod 100,000 Increases auto targeting. This mod uses advanced superscalar predictive targeting chips to compute and track enemy targets. The chips work in parallel, so additional aiming mods will continue to improve a weapon's aiming.
Impact mod 200,000 Increases knock back to enemies. This mod equips each ammo round with thousands of nano-scale anti-gravity repulsor particles. These particles create a small concussion wave upon impact, thus knocking the target away from you.
Area mod 500,000 Increases explosion radius. This mod affects any weapon with explosive projectiles. Miniatured raritanium fusion detonators are magnetically attached to each projectile upon launch, increasing the explosion size upon impact.
XP mod 3,000,000 Increases experience from defeated enemies by 50%. Both weapon experience and player experience are increased as the player uses any weapon equipped with this mod. The nanotechnology that drives weapon and health upgrades is amplified by a localized neutrino energy field emitted by the mod.
Jackpot mod 3,000,000 Increases the bolts received from defeated enemies by 50 percent. When you defeat a foe with any weapon equipped with the jackpot mod, the number of bolts you receive increases. Each attached jackpot mod will further increase the received bolts. The technology used by this mod is highly confidential, but it is believed to have been first invented by a Vox Industries accountant while trying to inflate a quarterly revenues report.
Healing mod
Nanoleech mod
5,000,000 Spawns health-increasing nanotech from defeated enemies. This mod applies a polarized magnetic field to each ammo round as it is fired. This field stabilizes and binds the nanotech from defeated enemies for a short time.
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