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Hold down the fire button to charge, then let go to release a galactic can of whoop-ass!

The Alpha Disruptor fires a deadly stream of plasma, allowing you to hit multiple targets at once

Captain Qwark, movie

The Alpha Disruptor is a weapon engineered by lombaxes in Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty. It is a nano-weapon which fires a charged up plasma beam at an enemy, dealing heavy damage.

In Tools of Destruction, the Alpha Disruptor can be upgraded to the Alpha Cannon with use, and in challenge mode, can be upgraded to the Omega Alpha Cannon. In Quest for Booty, it cannot be upgraded, and begins already as the Alpha Cannon at V5.


Before Tools of Destruction

The Alpha Disruptor was engineered by the Center for Advanced Lombax Research as their first nano-weapon.[1] It ranked third on the Polaris Compendium of Ridiculously Overpowered Weapons.

Talwyn mentioned she once accidentally fired an Alpha Disruptor charge into the Apogee Space Station's gravity generator while she was trying to blow off some steam.[2]

Ratchet & Clank (re-imagined)

Nefarious's Alpha Disruptor.png

In the Ratchet & Clank film, Ratchet practices using this weapon as a Galactic Ranger in training. Later, Brax uses it whilst fending off a group of Zurkons.

In both the film and Qwark's retelling, Dr. Nefarious also utilizes his own Alpha Disruptor when battling against Ratchet & Clank.

Tools of Destruction

The Alpha Disruptor was acquired for free by hacking open a door on Sargasso with the Decryptor. The Anti-Matter Transfluxor could be purchased with Raritanium after unlocking other mods. With use, it could be upgraded to the Alpha Cannon at V5. The Heavy Hitters challenge at the Imperial Fight Festival required the Alpha Disruptor or Alpha Cannon.

In challenge mode, the Omega Alpha Cannon could be purchased for 8,500,000 bolts.

Quest for Booty

The Alpha Disruptor could be acquired from the Smuggler in Darkwater Cove for 50,000 bolts. It could not be upgraded at all, and was at V5 once acquired.

The Anti-Matter Transfluxor was found in the Azorean Sea during the final mission. Ratchet could acquire it after climbing the ladder and killing some enemies on the first ship, then before using the catapult, jumping onto the boxes at the front, jumping again to use the zip wire, and then looking to his right.


The Alpha Disruptor upgrading from V1 to V2

The Alpha Disruptor is a long, blue and silver shoulder mounted weapon with a left-hand grip. Its nozzle is surrounded by five hatches, presumably which close up when the weapon is not in use. The Alpha Cannon is identical in appearance, but its highlights are green rather than blue and it has a small protrusion at the top of the stock, presumably some form of targeting system.

After being charged and released, it fires a quantum beam of very potent isokinetic energy at targets.

In the re-imagining the Alpha Disruptor has the appearance of the Alpha Cannon.


Ratchet firing the Alpha Disruptor at a Grunthor

The Alpha Disruptor is charged by holding down the fire button, and fired by releasing it. The blast will hit a single target for massive amount of damage. Its drawback is that its ammo is very limited, as it can hold 4 charges, which can be increased only to 5 with a weapon upgrade. This means that the Alpha Disruptor should only be fired at larger enemies and bosses, so as not to waste ammunition. It is a strategic but niche weapon, only able to serve one function. Fully upgraded, its power is 10,699, meaning it has the most damage with a single shot of any weapon.

The Alpha Disruptor can be greatly enhanced with Raritanium mods. More damage and faster shooting mods in particular make it even more effective at its function, while more bolts is a great bonus. More ammo is a crucial upgrade for the weapon due to its low ammo to increase its charges to 5. The Anti-Matter Transfluxor is an extremely powerful mod that allows it to pass through enemies, greatly increasing its versatility and allows it to be more broadly useful, though it should still only be aimed at bigger targets grouped together. When upgraded to the Alpha Cannon, it can cause a massive explosion that incapacitates enemies within a 12 cubit radius as it hits an enemy.