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Igliak, capital of Allied Polaris and Free Polaris

Allied Polaris was an early formation of free planets and sentient species united to resist the genocidal and expansionist Great Cragmite Empire conquest of all Polaris. After Tachyon defeated the Lombaxes, Allied Polaris collapsed and what was left thereof became Free Polaris. It was controlled by the Polaris Galactic Government.


Great War

Headquartered on planet Igliak, Allied Polaris resisted the Cragmites, but they stood no match against the Cragmites for a while. Eventually, the Lombaxes of planet Fastoon decided to join the fray on the side of Allied Polaris. Taking command of the alliance, the Lombax turned the losing war into a fierce stalemate, with no sides winning. Soon however, the crafty Lombaxes created the Dimensionator, which made the Cragmites completely vanish. With the end of the Great War, the lombaxes did not reveal the secret weapon to the rest of the galactic community, which spread rumors of the weapons power.

Collapse eons later

A long time later, despite their victory over the Cragmites eons ago, Polaris still remained a dangerous place. As the Lombaxes council discussed issues over protecting the galaxy, they were approached by Cragmite that had been raised by the Lombaxes out pity. This Cragmite, Tachyon, offered up designs for new weapons meant to serve Allied Polaris as a form of galactic defense. Lombax elder Azimuth was impressed, but Kaden did not trust Tachyon. In the meanwhile, Tachyon was not only gaining excess to Lombax weapons through the naive Lombaxes, but he also had built Space Pirates to find or steal Lombax technology. After he made a secret alliance with the Drophyds, Tachyon betrayed the Lombaxes by launching an all out assault on Fastoon. Most of the Lombaxes managed to flee to another dimension, but hundreds were left behind, which were one by one hunted down. With Lombaxes no longer in the equation, Allied Polaris collapsed, all that remains is a small alliance, known as Free Polaris, which continued to resist the spread of Imperial Army.

Free Polaris

Free Polaris was an organization of planets in the Polaris Galaxy which were not under the control of Emperor Percival Tachyon during his reign, many of which were located in the Verdigris Sector. Its capital was Meridian City on planet Igliak, which was invaded by Tachyon after he brought back a Cragmite Armada; therefore, enabling him to invade the formidable city. Ratchet and Clank assisted Meridian City during its invasion and saved the city; therefore, maintaining Igliak's status as part of Free Polaris until the duo defeated Tachyon, after which all planets in the Polaris Galaxy he had taken over were removed from his control.

Not all worlds not under Tachyon's control were members of Free Polaris, however. For example, Jasindu and Sargasso were under the control of the Kerchu, who would violently kill all outsiders on sight, Ardolis and Merdegraw were under Space Pirate control, and the entire Breegus System was under the control of Dr. Nefarious.


After the final defeat of Tachyon and the Great Cragmite Empire, Free Polaris became Allied Polaris once more. However, they were not completely free, as the tyrant Dr. Nefarious had held control over the Breegus System for over two years (with not even Tachyon daring to attack him during this time). However, during his search for Clank, Ratchet (with help from several of his allies) defeated Nefarious and his faction, freeing the Breegus System.

The Polaris Defense Force would then continue to protect Polaris from threats.

Government Structure

The government was formerly headed by Galactic President Qwark, and the president was the only known branch of the government, apart from the Polaris Department of Defence, whose minister was Vorn Garblak (previously Artemis Zogg). During Qwark's time in office, the Vice President was Skrunch.


Known laws passed by the government include:


The galactic government's was known as the Polaris Defense Force, which possessed Polaris Defense Troopers and Captains among its ranks. It also had a new incarnation of the QForce stationed on the Starship Phoenix II.

Known member races

Known territories

Allied Polaris

Free Polaris

Polaris Galactic Government

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