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Agency Gadgebots

The Agency Gadgebots are small Gadgebots that appear in Secret Agent Clank. They wore suits and worked for the Agency. There were usually three of these, whose names were Bravo, Hector, and Serpentine, and other three by the names of Echo, Tango, and Orion, but there were four in the battle in High-Stakes Room of Le Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino. They were called into action when Clank was in trouble.


Normal commands

By holding down Triangle, the player is able to select a command.

  • Follow: Orders nearby Gadgebots to follow the selected Gadgebot.
  • Wait: Orders other Gadgebots to wait where they are.
  • Attack: Orders other Gadgebots to attack nearby enemies.
  • Revive: Orders Gadgebots to heal a fallen Gadgebot.

Other actions

By pressing the following buttons, the player can command the Gadgebots to perform fighting tactics..

  • Pressing the X button changes the commanding Gadgebot.
  • Pressing the Square button causes a commanding Gadgebot to bite and, at the same time, command other Gadgebots to attack.
  • Pressing the Circle button causes the Gadgebots to form a pillar.
  • Pressing the Triangle button causes a commanding Gadgebot to order commands to other Gadgebots.
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