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The Acid Bomb Glove is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Size Matters. It is the next generation of the venerable Bomb Glove, with a high yield Gammachlorian acid warhead and an area-of-effect acid spray that burns enemies.

The Acid Bomb Glove is available immediately on planet Pokitaru, along with the Lacerator. With use, it can be upgraded to the more powerful military grade Acid Detonator, with purple acid that sticks to enemies. The Acid Detonator could later be upgraded to the Titan Acid Detonator in challenge mode.


The Acid Bomb Glove is a metallic glove with a red palm. It throws bombs which contain a capsule of bright green acid. The Acid Detonator features bright purple acid instead of bright green, and its bombs contain spikes.


The Acid Bomb capsule

The Acid Bomb Glove has a high area-of-effect acid spray and decent damage. This makes it very useful against large groups of enemies, as it can apply the acid effect to many of them in a large area. The damage it provides can also make it useful against larger enemies, though the best use of the weapon is against groups to spread the damage to multiple enemies. As an early game weapon, the Acid Bomb Glove is later outclassed by more powerful weapons such as the Shock Rocket.

The Acid Detonator is a more powerful weapon whose purple acid sticks to enemies. This means it stays useful against clumps of enemies and should be used to apply the effect to as many at once. Two mods, the acid burn mod and the epoxy mod can be purchased. The acid burn mod sets enemies who walk through the acid pool on fire (until the acid pool vanishes), damaging them more over time. The epoxy mod causes enemies hit by the bomb's acid to form a web around the enemy, and the enemy to be stuck. The epoxy mod makes the Acid Bomb Glove and Acid Detonator more useful as it allows it to apply its damage-over-time effect to enemies for longer, and makes it more strategically useful when paired with other weapons. The acid burn mod is simply a flat upgrade to the weapon's damage over time. The player will find both of these mods very useful for the weapon, though they should keep in mind that the bolts may be better spent on purchasing more powerful weapons rather than upgrading a weapon that may be outclassed by this point.

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