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The Acid Bomb Glove is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Size Matters. It is the next generation of the venerable Bomb Glove, with a high yield Gammachlorian acid warhead and an area-of-effect acid spray that burns enemies.[1]

The Acid Bomb Glove is available immediately on planet Pokitaru, along with the Lacerator. With use, it can be upgraded to the more powerful military grade Acid Detonator, the military-grade version of the Acid Bomb Glove,[2] with a larger splash of purple acid. The Acid Detonator could later be upgraded to the Titan Acid Detonator in challenge mode.


The Acid Bomb Glove is a metallic glove with a red palm. It throws bombs which contain a capsule of bright green acid. The Acid Detonator features bright purple acid instead of green, and its bombs contain spikes, although these have no practical use. The available mods are the Acid Burn Mod and the Epoxy Mod. The Acid Burn Mod replaces the regular Gammachlorian acid with a special Gammaflavian Fire Blend, dramatically increasing the corrosiveness.[3] The Epoxy Mod introduces special "sticky rubber" polyproteins into the acid base of Acid Bomb projectiles, that immobilize caught enemies.[4]


Gameplay of the Acid Bomb Glove.

Gameplay of the Acid Detonator.

The Acid Bomb Glove has an area-of-effect acid spray which deals strong damage to those caught in it. This makes it very useful against large groups of enemies, as it can apply the acid effect to many of them at once, provided they are not spread out too much. However, the acid's duration is lacking, the weapon has very low ammunition capacity (at first), and is entirely incapable of targeting airborne targets (although flying enemies close to the acid still get damaged, such as guard torsos). Enemies also need to stay on-top of the acid to actually receive damage.

Although the weapon is generally outclassed later on, it becomes significantly more useful with the Acid Burn and Epoxy Mods, the former of which alleviates the issue of enemies needing to stay on-top of the acid, as it now affects them as long as the acid lasts once they have touched it. The latter will effectively freeze any non-boss enemy caught in the acidic spray upon its release, making it very strategically useful as crowd control. They are available both at the same time on Challax, at Slim Cognito's vendor, but are also very expensive, meaning you might want to forego them for new weapons entirely.

Once fully upgraded to the Acid Detonator, it becomes a more powerful weapon. Its purple acid has a much larger splash radius, making it more useful against groups. With the mods it can become an effective mainstay even against late-game enemies that attack in large numbers, such as the Ratchet clones.