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Ace Bunyon is a minor character in Going Commando. He is one of the Bogon Galaxy's premiere space racers.[1] Ace Bunyon raced Ratchet and Clank in their Star Explorer on three occasions: first in the Feltzin System during "Race Through the Asteroids", second in the Deep Space Disposal Facility during "Race Through the Disposal Facility", and finally in the skies of Gorn during "Race Through the Docking Bays". Ratchet beat Ace on all three occasions for a prize in bolts.

Each of the races involved a race through the location, passing through several allocated rings; missing fifteen races would cause a competitor to lose. While Ace was not particularly much faster than the Star Explorer, he was able to maneuver through the rings flawlessly.

Behind the scenes

Ace Bunyon makes the same sounds when overtaking Ratchet as the Thugs-4-Less fighters make after hitting his ship. However, Ace's species and affiliation is entirely unknown.


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