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A Crack in Time has a total of 46 skill points. There are skill points to be completed in every location, including the space combat locations. Skill points are used to unlock secrets.



"Wrenchmaster" is earned by killing three enemies with a single wrench throw. Whenever you are faced with a bunch of small enemies (such as those you encounter on Quantos or at the Agorian Battleplex), allow them to approach you up close, or in a line. This will ensure your Comet Strike will be successful in killing at least three enemies.

Round Trip

"Round Trip" is earned by killing an enemy while the Spiral of Death is returning. You can expect to earn this skill point with a lucky kill. If you have yet to earn it by the time you reach planet Morklon, you should take the opportunity to upgrade the weapon to level 5. Upon returning to the Nefarious Space Station, search for a Protomantis. They can withstand four hits with the Spiral of Death, so if you fire the weapon at the enemy twice, you should earn the skill point.

The Simple Art of Armageddon

"The Simple Art of Armageddon" is earned by defeating 15 enemies with the RYNO V without releasing the trigger. Upon acquiring the RYNO V, travel to planet Quantos. Once there, head up to the section after where you have rescued the Fongoid children and before you reach the Fongoid village. Since there are a bunch of weak enemies here, you can expect to win the skill point when you unleash the RYNO V on them.

Assuming you are still at the Agorian Battleplex, another option is to compete in the "Overkill" challenge in the Raritanium Cup and blast away at enemies until you earn the skill point. Completing the challenge is not required for earning this skill point.


Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Striker by shooting their weak spot.

Sonic Assassin

Fire the Sonic Eruptor perfectly 50 times.

Party Crasher

Kill 50 dancing enemies.


Head Like a Rock

Hoverboot through 100 crates.

You're Fired

Maintain an oil fire for 30 seconds.

Orvus's Son

Time Bomb 250 projectiles.


Subzero Hero

Keep four enemies frozen at the same time with the CryoMine Glove.

Custodian of Time

Fix 50 broken objects.

Master of Time

Reach round 30 on the Time Fixing Mini-game.

Dance, Monkey, Dance

Make 8 Monkeys dance at the same time.

Ace Pilot

Destroy 20 fighters without taking damage.

Magic Bullet

Kill 2 enemies with one bullet.

Shock Therapy

Trap an enemy with the Mag-Net Launcher and kill it with the Tesla Spikes.


Kill two enemies by deflecting their projectiles in the same swing with Clank.

Friend of Fred

Kill 10 enemies with one Rift Inducer 5000 shot.

Air Lombax

Kill 50 enemies while in mid-air.

Champion Bowler

Kill ten enemies with one Dynamo.

Negative, Ghostrider!

Destroy 5 Dropships before they can drop off their passengers.

Zolar Forest

Cold Killer

Kill 100 zyphoids.

Terrible Tourist

Destroy every breakable object in the fongoid village.

Agorian Battleplex


Grab a bomb in mid-air.

Impatient Champion

Complete the challenge Gone in 60 Seconds in less than 45 seconds.

Lifted and Gifted

Complete any challenge without taking off the Hoverboots.

Master Blaster

Keep Qwark's blaster in the hot state for 60 seconds in My Blaster Runs Hot.

Praetorian Guard

Defeat the Elite Hydra Tank with the Wrench.

There is a glitch for this skill point in which you use the RYNO V to attack before it can take damage (when the health bar is blue and while it is still landing at the start) and don't let go of the button until you can't damage it again. Repeat this process until you have defeated the Hydra Tank.


Complete Overkill without taking damage.

Nefarious Space Station

Pest Control

Kill every Teratrope in the Outer Perimeter with a Hyperstrike.

Krell Canyon

Bug Bait

Take damage from all of the Tetramite swarms without dying.

Treasure Hunter

Destroy all Camo Crates in the level.

Axiom City

Terachnoid Rave

Make a total of 12 Terachnoid's dance with the Groovitron Glove.

Baggage Handler

Destroy every piece of luggage in Axiom City. The last of the luggage is just after the Axiom City Spaceport, just before you need to use the hoverboots. If you haven't received the skill point by then, you may have to backtrack to find them all.

Molonoth Fields

Spring Cleaning

Destroy every trash pile in Monoloth Fields. Trash piles are large pieces of scrap metal, like the one found in front of Aphelion. There are five in total, all located before the entrance to the Hollow. They can only be destroyed by explosives.

Son of Kaden

Complete the Hoverboot course in 45 seconds or less.

Vela Sector

Chasing Tail

Stay behind the Comet for 15 seconds.

No Respect for the Dead

Destroy every piece of junk in the graveyard.

Bernilius Sector

Hit and Run

Destroy 10 enemies by ramming into them with the Quantum Reflector.

Korthos Sector

The Samaritan

Complete all Space Missions.

Phylax Sector

I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick

Perform 5 U-Turns in 20 seconds.


Destroy 20 enemies without using missiles.

The Great Clock

Temporal Pacifism

Complete the third Time Puzzle in Great Clock: Sector 2 without harming a Teratrope.


Complete the final Time Puzzle in 40 seconds or less.

What Goes Up

Use a Time Bomb to keep a crate suspended in mid-air for three seconds.

Outta Time

Complete the Great Clock: Sector 1 in 300 seconds.

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