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A Crack in Time features a total of ten holo-plans for the RYNO V schematic. By collecting all of the holo-plans, the player will be able to travel back to Terachnos and have the Smuggler assemble the weapon for Ratchet at no charge.

Vorselon's warship

  • The first holo-plan is found the first time you visit Vorselon's warship. It is located in the middle of the hallway, about halfway through.

Torren IV

  • Once you have acquired the OmniSoaker, return to the front door of the Hollow and use the oil to activate the catapult. Launch from the catapult, and you will land right where the second holo-plan lies.


  • On the east side of the Spaceport Terminal, there is a barrier that only goes down after a battle with multiple droids. Use the Swingshot to get over to the platform with the big crate, and you will land on it. Ignore the Zoni until you have the third holo-plan.


  • Launch yourself off the large Hoverboot ramp at the beginning of the level. Once you land near the weapons vendor, go right and head forwards until you are able to spot a Zoni above, hovering to your left, on an ascending hill. Assuming you have not already collected the Zoni, this hill should be easy to spot. Continue heading forwards until you are able to head a little bit to the left, at which point you can turn around to see where the hill starts. Once you equip the Hoverboots, hover your way up the hill and follow the Hoverboot path. You will be launching off of three consecutive ramps, followed by a grind rail that leads to a fork in its path. By following the left path, you will be jumping to an adjacent grind rail. Leap to the grind rail on the right upon seeing it, then use the kick pads (X) to reach the area ahead. Here, you will find a battery bot that you need to use in order to unlock the room that contains the fourth holo-plan.


  • To the right of the security station entrance, the fifth holo-plan is sitting on a cliff attached to the station. Use the Hoverboots to long jump to the cliff and retrieve it.

Agorian Battleplex


  • After the third Valkyrie training room (the battery bot room), go through the door that does not open. There should be a gold bolt in plain sight on a station. Behind the building with the gold bolt is the eighth holo-plan.


  • After you defeat Argos, the ninth holo-plan piece should be on top of the floodgate in the new present day. To the right, there should be a hydraplant behind a large rock. Fill it up with water from the river to get to the floodgate.

Nefarious Space Station

  • During your second visit, on the island where you jump down to fight Dr. Nefarious, the tenth and final holo-plan is on the left side, behind a rock.