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There are forty Gold Bolts in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.


The Great Clock: Sector One

  • This one can only be obtained after you have obtained the Chronoscepter. The Gold Bolt is found on a distant hovering platform near the Jasindu Planet Room. After fixing the anomalies on Jasindu, two other platforms will appear, which will lead you to the Gold Bolt.

Planet Quantos, Zolar Forest

  • Once you have the Hoverboots, return to the beginning of the level. By the first bridge, there is a Hoverboot ramp. Jump off it to reach the bolt.
  • In the large swamp where you must rescue one of the Fongoid children, there is a ledge in the back with a large bolt crate on it. Go to the ledge and smash the bolt crate. Then, you will notice a path, which will lead to the Gold Bolt.
  • There is a large stone-like staircase in the village, which will lead you directly to the Temple of Zahn. Just before you enter into the temple, look below at the right edge of the staircase. After you notice of where the Gold Bolt is, jump down to it.
  • After fixing Aphelion with the three Zoni, you will notice bolt crates where flames used to be, which lead to another Gold Bolt. Follow the path and then you will see the Gold Bolt.

Phylax Sector

The Great Clock: Sector Two

  • Just before you enter into the first time pad challenge, you will see four floating green square steps. Look at the right side of the walkway. After you notice the Gold Bolt, go for it.
  • Go back to the room where you obtained the Chronoscepter, enter the Mnemonic Station, solve the time pad puzzle, go through the doors and retrieve the Gold Bolt. Be warned, this puzzle is very tricky, and you will need one of your copies to move freely in order to obtain the bolt.

Planet Torren IVMolonoth Fields

  • After fixing the time anomalies on Torren IV, go back as Ratchet. Near where you land, there will be a Gold Bolt where there used to be a time anomaly.
  • After completing the Hoverboot final exam, there is a Gold Bolt on the ground beneath the final catapult of the exam course.
  • After completing the Hoverboot final exam, go back to the exam course. After passing the first set of jump pads, look on the left side of the platform you land on. The Gold Bolt will be beyond the compactors, inside a fire pit.

Planet Terachnos, Axiom City

  • After fixing the time anomalies on Terachnos, return to Neurox Plaza as Ratchet. Go back to the first section of the plaza and jump into the center of the fountain. Then, you will automatically retrieve the Gold Bolt.
  • On a second visit to Terachnos, go back to the maintenance sector of Pollyx Industries. Go past where the final cut-scene was. Search the area, dodge the lasers and jump on the ledge where the Gold Bolt is.

Vela Sector

  • Vela Alpha: This one is found along the obstacle course.
  • Vela Beta: After accelerating through the first few Hoverboot ramps and jump pads and landing on the high platform above, turn to the right and launch off the ledge at maximum speed. Glide into a lone building through its doors to find the Gold Bolt.
  • Vela Gamma: The Gold Bolt is found in a crater to the south of Aphelion. Use the map to find it.
  • Vela Tau: Defeat all 50 of the Zyphoids to retrieve the Gold Bolt.

The Great Clock: Sector Three

  • Go back to the Mnemonic Station on a second visit to the sector, solve the time pad puzzle, go through the doors and retrieve the Gold Bolt.
  • After completing the second time puzzle, go outside and keep going to the right. Go towards the edge and a floating platform will appear. Another platform will appear underneath the Gold Bolt after you step on the first one.

Planet Lumos, Krell Canyon

  • After raising the first bridge, jump or thrust yourself towards the ledge where the Gold Bolt lies.
  • You will need the OmniSoaker. In the initial cave, suck up some nectar from the first Breegus Worm Root you see. Shoot nectar on the Voltan Ivy blocking the door. Once the door is open, you are free to enter and find the Gold Bolt.
  • You will need the OmniSoaker. In the initial cave, there is a stream next to a dry Hydroplant. Fill it up with water and jump up to the ledge to grab the Gold bolt.
  • Within the southern area of Krell Canyon, proceed up a natural ramp where a Zoni awaits. Instead of chasing after it, launch to the left to land on a column with the Gold Bolt on top.
  • Return to the same ramp where the Zoni spawned, and follow the path it took (up the hill to the right, then two teal boost ramps). At the fork with two launch ramps, take the right one to the grind rail to find the Gold Bolt.

Agorian Battleplex

Planet Zanifar, Tombli Outpost

  • At the first oil derrick, go through the set of kick pads. Then, jump back at the jump pad and land on the oil derrick to retrieve the Gold Bolt.

Korthos Sector

The Great Clock: Sector Four

  • To get it, simply throw out a Time Bomb onto the second floating gear. Then, jump towards the lower half of the gear and retrieve the Gold Bolt.
  • After finishing the final Paradox room puzzle, just as you leave the room and find yourself opposite the Orvus Chamber, look around and there is a building with an open door and a glass roof. Proceed to the right-hand side of the ledge, and platforms should materialize, leading into it. This is the Fastoon Planet Room. Fix the planet, then proceed through the door and retrieve the Gold Bolt.
  • Go back to the Mnemonic station and solve the puzzle in Clank's subconscious. The Gold Bolt is awarded on completion of the puzzle. (Note: You must complete the game and warp back to before you defeated Dr. Nefarious & Azimuth).

Planet Vapedia, Valkyrie Citadel

  • After oiling the rusted hover bolt and launching yourself from it, you will jump onto a set of kick pads. As soon as you reach the second kick pad, drop down to the island below. Then, follow the path to retrieve the Gold Bolt.
  • After reaching the first open area where you fight Valkyries, use the Swingshot targets near where you initially landed to reach the island with the Gold Bolt.
  • After surviving the third training course, look around the chamber for a closed door. As soon as you approach the door, it will open. Then, follow the path to retrieve the Gold Bolt and a RYNO V Holo-Plan piece.

Planet Morklon, Gimlick Valley

  • After defeating Argos and returning to Gimlick Valley, head to the south to find a few short ledges. Then search and retrieve the Gold Bolt.

Bernilius Sector

  • Bernilius Alpha: While riding the moving platforms, look down to the icy surface and you will eventually see a platform with a Gold Bolt on it. Jump down and glide to reach it.
  • Bernilius Gamma : Traverse the obstacle course until you reach the platform with the second meteor pad. Then, put on the Hoverboots and shoot off the ledge to the left to reach a small rock with the Gold Bolt on it.

Corvus Sector

  • Corvus Beta : You have to jump down from the top hovering platforms to reach it.
  • Corvus Sigma : Kill all of the enemies on the moon to get the Gold Bolt.

Collect all of the Gold bolts to gain the Bolt Collector Trophy.