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Armor was a type of collectible equipment featured in A Crack in Time. Ratchet could purchase sets of armor with bolts from Grummel Net Industries armor vendors on various planets unlocked through story progression. He begins with the Holoflux armor by default.

Armor Damage reduction Price Available at Description
Holoflux armor 0% - - This biometric adventure suit circulates a steady stream of nanotech based on its wearer's current psychological signature, resulting in increased protection from whatever intergalactic dangers may befall you.
Ectoflux armor 15% 10,000 Terachnos This upgrade uses an Apogee Recycling System to considerably extend nanotech lifespan resulting in the deflection of up to 15% of all damage.
Thermaflux armor 30% 50,000 Agorian Battleplex This upgrade includes GrummelNet's new-and-improved shrapnel visor and redesigned nanotech circulatory system. A significant upgrade from its predecessor, Thermaflux deflects up to 30% of all damage!
Hyperflux armor 50% 250,000 Morklon This machine washable adventure suit boasts an advanced Apogee Recycling System, bullet-resistant visor, and double-stitched Troglosaur hide for added protection. For those expecting a close encounter of the dangerous kind, Hyperflux will deflect up to 50% of all damage!


Behind the scenes

Holoflux armor appeared as an alternate costume for Ratchet in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.