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8-bit Mini-Mayhem is an online flash-based game. Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and, Nefarious are trapped in the Creature Collector's Vault and must escape. However, the collector has sent his minions after them and left the exit guarded by a Mega Laser Turret. Upon start, the player must select one out of the four available characters, with the remainder being controlled by the computer. None of the characters have any actual difference besides looks. The characters are controlled by either the arrow or WASD keys, with the left mouse button being used to shoot.

Gameplay consists of standing on platforms to charge a portal, the amount and placement of platforms increasing as you progress. During this process, enemies will arrive per waves, followed by a short moment of respite in which crates drop, containing bolts, weapons and power-ups. Bolts only serve to increase your point total and cannot be spent. At the end of each round, players were rewarded with either a Bolt Master, Helper, Survivor or Hunter award, each of which were worth points. The character that collected the most bolts, stood the most on platforms, had the most health left at the end of the match, or shot the most enemies, is rewarded with each award accordingly.

Any player that dies becomes unavailable for the remainder of the round, though is restored to full health along with everyone else at the start of a new round. At the end of game, the characters have to fight a Mega Laser Turret until they can finally escape.


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Weapons are presented through WeaponMART TV, while power-ups are presented through WHAT? PowerUp, each of which shows the proper All 4 One render, a small quote, the name and the icon used in-game.

Item Description
Blaster The default weapon, has a solid fire rate, but will be blocked the moment it hits anything, including friendly characters.
Mr. Zurkon A synthenoid, an automated combat drone that shoots enemies on its own accord.
Pyro Blaster A short range flamethrower, powerful with a high rate of fire, but ineffective against stronger enemies.
OmegaTech Frost Cannon Fires very long and wide blasts that will stun enemies caught in its path. Has little ammo and is therefore most effective when used on groups.
Sheepinator Fires blasts that turn both enemies and allies into sheep, though allies turn back after a short while. Stronger enemies resist the effect and take decent damage instead.
Warmonger Fires powerful missiles, effective against the stronger enemies.
Bomb Drop Upon pick-up, the character will continuously and automatically drop bombs that damage enemies within range. Relatively useless as upon pick-up, it will activate right away, whereas enemies take a moment to appear. It cannot be left behind and picked up later, as someone else will take it instead and not use it to its best.
Nanosphere Restores the health of nearby characters.
Tackle Grabber Takes the weapon of the nearest ally upon pick-up, transferring it to the character.
Void Bubble Stops any enemy attacks on impact.

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