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70 millimeter Stalker Turrets are enemies in Deadlocked, encountered in several locations within the Shadow Sector. They are stationary Landstalkers created by DreadZone. An EMP is usually required to take out their shields, making them vulnerable to attack.


They attack by shooting lasers and Landstalker mortars at its enemies. In high difficulty modes, they are extremely deadly because they cause lots of damage and are highly accurate with their fire. They are also extremely useful for training with the Holoshield Launcher equipped, as long as the player keeps a shield out at all times. During this, it is best to either refrain from deploying an EMP, or to let Ratchet's combat bots die. When down to two shields, the player should place one when the previous one is failing and retreat to a weapon vendor, then slowly return, using shields as cover.

Long-range weapons such as The Arbiter or Fusion Rifle are most effective against these turrets, as it is recommended keeping a fair distance from them.

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